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The MISSION of Intercultural Child & Family Services (ICCFS) is to improve the well-being of underserved and low-income children, parents, caregivers, and families of color while creating opportunities that promote equitable access to healthy and safe child development services and community-based parenting supports for families with children ages birth-five.  ICCFS creates positive family connections that help to strengthen and build thriving relationships between children and their caregivers. Through their family-driven, participatory programming, ICCFS supports families with culturally and linguistically responsive programs that reduce social isolation, enhance knowledge and skills, and increase access to community support.


ICCFS’ services are offered in a culturally responsive, trauma-informed way and are delivered by organizational leaders and staff with shared experiences, cultures, and language to those that they serve. ICCFS’ ongoing reflection and evaluation ensures that programming makes a difference for families and communities of color; thereby encouraging poverty reduction and family empowerment. 


The VISION of InterCultural Children & Family Services is the creation of balance and equity in early learning service delivery that eliminates racial disproportionality and disparate treatment.

The GOALS of InterCultural Children & Family Services are to:

  • Identify, understand, and respond to the cultural and ethnic needs and ensure culturally appropriate services for children, families, and the community

  • Strengthen and build collaborative relationships/partnerships that motivate, inspire, and sustain the integrity of achieving and fulfilling our mission.

  • Provide culturally responsive leadership training to the community, and early learning services to children and families.

  • Engage children, families, kinship caregivers, fathers, and in-home childcare providers by providing education and support.

  • Anticipate and prioritize the resources required to enhance effective service delivery for children, families, and kinship caregivers.

  • Inspire a passion for and magnify the importance of the diverse cultures of children and their families.



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